Private Utility Tracing and Fault Locating Services

Avoid utility cut-offs, expensive repairs, and injuries during excavation operations by choosing Minnesota Irrigation’s private underground utility locating service. We combine extensive experience with the latest tools to ensure accurate results.

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Ensure Safety and Avoid Private Utility Damage

Before you or your contractor begins excavating for your project, it is absolutely essential that you locate all utility lines within the site first. Otherwise, you might accidentally damage them, leading to serious legal and financial consequences.

If you accidentally damage an electrical or gas line, for example, you would have to pay for the damage. The consequences may be even more severe if you damage a line servicing a hospital or emergency call center. And in some cases, you would also be at risk of injury.

Locating public utility lines is easy. You just have to call 811. However, they won’t mark the location of private lines. For that, you need Minnesota Irrigation’s services for locating private underground utilities. Our team of expert technicians will accurately mark private lines to ensure your safety.

Private Utility Tracing and Fault Locating

Minnesota Irrigation is now proud to offer the Twin Cities area our private utility and fault locating services! To learn more about this or any of our other great services, call us at 763-785-2201 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

Common Questions Answered

Perhaps you’d like to know more about private utility and fault locating services and why you need them. We’ve compiled answers to commonly asked questions to help you out.

Our private utility locating service marks underground utilities that are not owned by the utility companies and therefore are not located through the Gopher State One Call process.


  • Low voltage electrical lines: irrigation wire, landscape lighting, electric pet fence wire
  • Communication lines: coaxial cable drops, coaxial cable, and telephone lines to detached buildings
  • Gas lines to: propane tanks, detached buildings, grills, pools heaters
  • High voltage electrical lines to: detached buildings (garages, sheds, shops, guest houses), yard lights, remote outlets, irrigation and shallow well pumps, submersible well pump caps, boat lifts, swimming pools, septic tank lift stations


  • Any utility that connects to a building from the “master meter”
  • Electrical lines to: parking lot lights, lighted signs, remote outlets
  • Connection to a direct lead
  • Connection to a grounded utility
  • Induction
  • Non-metallic utilities
  • Plastic pipes: irrigation pipe, drain tile, PVC pipes, septic drain field
  • Gas lines that are plastic without a metal casing or tracer wire

Fault locating finds grounded shorts (nicks) or opens (breaks) in private electrical lines. A grounded fault is when the damaged wire makes direct contact with the ground.

  • Both ends of the faulted electrical line must be disconnected by the homeowner or contractor.
  • The wires are tested to find faulted wire or wires
  • The fault is located
  • Once a fault is located it is dug up by the homeowner or contractor, the wires are cut and both ends are stripped. The wires are re-tested in both directions
  • The testing and fault locating continues until all faults are located
  • It is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor to repair the faults.

We also offer irrigation zone valve and pinched irrigation pipe locating services.

Locating Private Utilities in the Twin Cities

Minnesota Irrigation locates private utilities in the greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul Twin Cities area. Our services are available in the surrounding areas as well:

  • Anoka County
  • Ramsey County
  • Hennepin County

We service certain parts of the following counties too:

  • Sherburne County
  • Isanti County
  • Chisago County
  • Washington County
  • Wright County

Choose a Trusted and Reliable Company

There are several reasons accidents happen during excavation, and many of them are rooted in inaccurate information. A utility locating contractor might incorrectly estimate the depth of a line, or they might be unsure of the depth and direction of two overlapping lines.

That’s why you need to be careful when choosing your utility locating contractor. You need a company that will give you accurate and reliable information. 

Minnesota Irrigation’s team of expert technicians will accurately mark private lines on your property. We use the latest technology and equipment to create a comprehensive report on our findings. You’ll have the information you need to conduct a safe excavation.

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Ensure your safety by hiring Minnesota Irrigation. Our team will conduct a thorough search of the site and mark all the private utility lines within it. 

Discuss your project with us and get a free estimate by filling out our contact form. You can also call us at 763-785-2201.

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