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Irrigation Service and Repairs

• Spring start-ups
• Backflow Testing
• Repairs
• Adjustments
• System upgrades
• System redesigns
• Fall blow-outs and winterizations 

Our irrigation repair services include:

We can also design a customized irrigation system for your home or business. Our service technicians are experienced with all brands of sprinkler system and irrigation system repairs and maintenance. We are industry trained and hold all required licenses and certificates. You can expect the technician on your job site to be skilled, respectful, courteous and attentive to detail.

Backflow Prevention

Effective January 23, 2016, the Minnesota plumbing board adopted a new standard of plumbing codes known as the Uniform Plumbing Code. 
This may have some implications to your irrigation system, specifically your backflow prevention assembly.

The new code states all backflow prevention assemblies must be inspected and tested annually. The code is 603.2 of the 2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code book.

You are likely to have a backflow prevention assembly as part of your irrigation system. State code has always required an approved backflow preventer for irrigation systems using potable (drinkable) water. This includes city and well water.

You may have one of the two types of backflow preventers:

PVB (Pressure Vacuum Breaker)

RP (Reduced Pressure Zone Device)

These assemblies prevent ground water from entering your drinking water supply.
Companies must be certified by the American Society of Sanitary of Engineering (ASSE) and licensed by the State of Minnesota to test backflow preventers.

You have two options regarding this code change:
1. Have Minnesota Irrigation start testing your backflow preventer annually. 
2. Wait for your water authority to notify you if they are going to start mandating the testing.

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