Outdoor Lighting Services in Minneapolis

Illuminate your outdoor space with energy-efficient lighting options. Our outdoor lighting services in Minneapolis will enhance the beauty of your property, add security, and create an inviting atmosphere. We’ll ensure your system operates efficiently so that you can enjoy a beautifully lit landscape for years. 

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Outdoor Lighting

Light up your outdoor space with elegant lighting features. Landscapes Unlimited are experts in illumination; we install outdoor lighting in MN that complements the aesthetics of your space. Our lighting projects, though subtle and soft, are functional and increase the safety of your outdoor living area. More importantly, the lights amplify the warm, inviting atmosphere of your home.

We are a landscape lighting contractor consisting of experienced craftsmen and award-winning designers ready to supply you with superior outdoor lights. We provide our expert services to clients across Metro Minneapolis, St. Paul, and other suburbs in the Twin Cities.

Explore our landscape lighting services available in the Minneapolis area:


Every landscape lighting project is custom-designed and tailored to each property. Minnesota Irrigation will work closely with you to learn your requirements and desires — whether you want bright or subtle, whimsical or glamorous, focused or scattered. 

Once we’ve put together the design, our lighting designers in Minneapolis will select the appropriate fixtures to create the right effect. Various lighting fixtures are used to accomplish the desired result; task, ambient, and accent. If you prefer automated lighting control, we can create a design for a remote timing system, which we can set up to 250 different programs.


Most of our lighting fixtures are installed by hand to ensure optimum performance and a clean, polished look. Our technicians use only the finest quality wires, lighting components, transformers, and fixtures so that you can enjoy your outdoor lighting longer.

Our landscape lighting services in Minneapolis include installing lighting along your pathways, walkways, and even on your decks to create the perfect glow.


Most lighting fixtures we install are made of copper and cast brass exterior, which allows for long-term performance and corrosion resistance. In fact, we only use warm, white LED because they are more energy-efficient and show the natural color of the surroundings. High-quality fixtures, paired with expert installation, allow for durability and lower maintenance costs. 

Additionally, Minnesota Irrigation offers maintenance services that keep the landscape lighting systems in your backyard and lawns in prime working condition. Regular inspections from our technicians give you peace of mind that the lights won’t go out in the dead of night.

Our Minneapolis outdoor lighting experts service most brands, so even if we weren’t your original installers, we could still help you enhance and update your lighting system.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Although your plants are the stars of your landscape, they won’t look as great without proper outdoor lighting. Our Minneapolis outdoor lighting designers help you achieve the following advantages in safety, security, and future home value:

As the homeowner, you are liable for any accident on your property. Outdoor lighting helps you avoid such accidents, which may incur expensive medical and repair bills. It illuminates your porch area and garden pathways, allowing you to walk around your landscaped property safely and peacefully at night.

Outdoor lighting makes your home safe, allowing you to see people who may be trespassing in your yard. Plus, a well-lit landscape is enough to discourage any criminal from orchestrating a burglary at any time.

Improved Appearance
Strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures improve your landscape, enhancing the beautiful features of the layout, such as the colors of your flower beds. Lights give your trees a stronger presence and highlight the gorgeous accents of your home. With the variety of options available, like floodlights, statement lights, and wash lights, your patio will never look bland.

Great for Guests
Whether you want to cool down during hot summer nights or entertain guests with alfresco dinners, outdoor lighting helps make your outdoor events at night possible.

Better Home Value
Almost half of homebuyers see outdoor lighting as something they desire in a property. As such, you may raise the value of your property by adding high-quality lighting fixtures to your landscape and patio.

Minnesota Irrigation Illuminates Your Home

Lighting is a crucial part of every landscaping project, which is why we spare no effort in creating the perfect illumination of your outdoor space.


We maintain open lines of communication, so you can easily reach us. We return calls and respond to emails promptly.


When we promise something, we deliver. Our team meets deadlines but won’t compromise quality.


We’re licensed and insured, and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In fact, we have been given the highest accredited rating of A+.

Let’s illuminate your outdoor space today. Get in touch with us for residential landscape lighting services in the Minneapolis area.
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