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Your Guide to Sprinkler System and Drip Irrigation

Choosing a Landscaping Watering System for Your Greenery

Lawns enhance the beauty and value of properties, adding curb appeal. They help create green and picturesque communities that not only benefit the real estate market but also enrich the quality of people’s lives.

However, not everyone has the time, energy, and expertise to keep their lawns and plants watered. Sprinkler and drip irrigation systems are two of the most popular landscaping watering solutions that automate this vital process in lawn care.

In this article, we’ll discuss sprinkler systems versus drip irrigation systems to help property owners like you decide which suits your yard.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are ideal for watering large, flat areas that need to be covered at once. The pipes are installed underground with only the sprinkler heads visible. Water is pumped through the waterlines and sprayed into the air, much like rainfall.

Automatic sprinkler systems allow you to set the watering schedule to make sure that your lawn or garden is irrigated on time—whether it’s in the middle of a hot sunny day or at night when everyone’s inside the property.

Although the coverage of sprinkler systems is best for wide spaces like lawns, water usage is not as efficient. Since sprinkler systems are designed to distribute water evenly, some parts of your lawn may be overwatered or underwatered.

In terms of pricing, sprinkler systems are more affordable than drip irrigation. The price may increase due to labor costs, depending on the planning and setup required. If you’re interested in sprinkler system installation, consult the experts at Minnesota Irrigation. We’ll provide top-notch watering solutions to keep your lawn and plants hydrated, lush, and beautiful.

Drip Irrigation System

Plantation on the Hillside

A drip irrigation system uses a series of long pipes that allow water to drip directly onto the soil. The pipes contain small openings that enable you to dispense water to specific plants and areas. Unlike sprinklers that only water the surface, drip irrigation penetrates the soil and helps foster root growth in certain plants with deep root systems.

Drip irrigation systems use water more wisely since you can direct the flow to the exact area you wish to water. This means you’ll be able to control the amount and direction of water, minimizing unnecessary consumption and costs. Since there’s no excess, there’s a lesser chance for the water to evaporate under the sun’s heat before your plants can absorb it.

Drip irrigation systems tend to be pricier because of the substantial setup and equipment costs. The small holes of the pipelines can also clog up due to debris, algae, and mineral buildup over time. Maintenance is a must, but it will incur additional expenses.

Surely, landscape watering is a big project requiring the expertise of experienced installers. Turn to Minnesota Irrigation for cost-efficient drip irrigation system installation. We are a trusted residential irrigation provider that customizes our clients’ watering systems according to their property, lifestyle, and preference. All installation jobs are done in a timely and professional manner.

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