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Professional Commercial / Residential Snow Removal

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Minnesota Irrigation is an established Commercial & Residential Snow Clearing company, dedicated to the highest quality service available.  

With each passing season, our objective is to remain an industry leader in snow removal. Through the use of a modern facility, late model vehicles, and state of the art snow moving equipment, we are able to adapt to our ever-changing environment and progress closer to achieving our goals.

Our packages are customized to fit the needs of your property. We have 24/7 on call service by our knowledgeable and courteous staff, and can work with you to find the right package for your needs.

Commercial Snow Plowing
Minnesota Irrigation goes above and beyond the competition by providing plowing, shoveling, and ice management services for our commercial clients as part of their seasonal package.

The following are some of our most popular services:

• Entry, Walkway, & Stair Clearing
• Public Sidewalk Shoveling
• Clearing of Cars
• Mailbox Clearing
• Site Path Shoveling (to an oil fill tank, for example)
• Salt roadways & walkways
• Snow Hauling Available

Residential Snow Removal

There are many reasons to seek out residential snow removal in Minnesota. Icy conditions can be hazardous and regular snowfalls can mean lost time spent clearing the driveway and sidewalk. Many of our commercial services apply to our residential clients. We work hard to make sure that you have clear walkways and driveways in a timely manner after a snowfall. Professional snow removal can also ensure a clear area for your postal worker and waste service as well, and help avoid delays in pick-up and drop off due to inclement weather. Reach out to our office today to discuss your options with our experienced staff.

Snow Hauling

In years when snow falls are particularly heavy many properties run out of space to pile & store cleared snow. That’s where Landscapes Unlimited comes in. We have all of the equipment and infrastructure needed to haul snow off of your site and to a designated facility. Contact our office today to speak to a representative about your snow hauling need.

Minnesota Irrigation Snow Removal is not limited to just the standard snow plowing service. 
We go above and beyond the competition by also offering snow shoveling services and ice management solutions. Some of our most popular shoveling services include, but are not limited too:

• Front Walkway Shoveling
• Side Walk Shoveling
• Clearing of Cars
• Mailbox Clearing
• Path Shoveling (to an oil fill tank, for example)
• Salt roadways & walkways
• Snow hauling available

A complete line of service vehicles

• 24/7 On Call Service
• Reliable Service every snow storm
• Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Courteous Staff
• All stairs, walkways, and sidewalks cleared of snow
• Driveway and Parking Areas cleared of snow
• Calcium Chloride applied to sidewalks and stairs to prevent the accumulation of ice or snow
• A variety of products are available for ice control in parking areas and driveways. Each work to control the accumulation of ice and snow.

If you would like more information about our snow plowing and removal services in the Twin Cities, call Minnesota Irrigation at 763-785-2201 or get a Free Estimate.

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