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4 Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems for Lawns

Lush, green lawns go a long way in increasing a property’s curb appeal. According to HomeLight’s survey, more than 75% of the top real estate agents across the US say that homes with well-landscaped outdoors are worth 1% to 10% more than homes without landscaping.

In addition, over 88% of the country’s top agents said keeping the lawn watered and cared for is essential in maintaining a marketable home. So whether you’re planning on listing your home or simply want to keep your lawn looking great, a good sprinkler system is vital.

Below, we discuss the different types of sprinkler irrigation systems, so you know what will fit best with your lawn and lifestyle.

Traditional Spray Systems

Often seen in residential properties, the traditional spray system features a ground-level or pop-up head to spray water onto turf. You can set it to spray the surrounding area in a full, half, or quarter circle.

The spray coverage is one of the advantages of this type of sprinkler irrigation system. However, it’s not as efficient as other types since it tends to spray too much. Sometimes, traditional spray systems spray so much that the ground cannot absorb it, leading to wasted water.

If you choose this sprinkler system for your lawn, you can combat water wastage by installing each sprinkler head at a significant distance from each other. The water spreading should be enough to cover the space between two sprinklers.

Drip Systems

A popular choice among eco-conscious individuals, drip sprinkler irrigation systems, also known as micro sprays, release water slowly. This gives the soil enough time to soak the water up instead of drowning in too much water that eventually evaporates and gets wasted.

Areas that experience strong winds benefit from this type of sprinkler system since the water is distributed into the soil instead of misted into the air. However, this may not be suitable for households with children as they might trip on the pipes on the ground.

Soaker Hoses

While not technically a sprinkler, soaker hoses are a type of irrigation system that you may want to consider. This system uses water hoses laid out through the landscape. They emit water along the entire length instead of just through a nozzle.

If you have dense landscaping that makes it difficult for other sprinkler types to soak the soil properly, soaker hoses may be the right irrigation system for your lawn.

Rotor Systems

Similar to drip systems, rotor sprinklers also release water slowly, making it water-efficient. Rotor system sprinklers come with different types of sprinkler heads, including:

·         Pop-up spray

·         Impact

·         Gear-driven

·         Large turf

The motor rotors let you set the amount of water sprayed and the distance in which the water travels, giving you complete control over your landscape.

Maintaining and Preventing Clogs and Leaks

Proper irrigation system maintenance is essential to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. A well-maintained system will not only keep your lawn healthy but also save you money on water bills and repair costs, according to experts in sprinkler repair in Minneapolis.

Here are some tips for maintaining your irrigation system and preventing clogs or leaks:

  1. Inspect your irrigation system regularly; look for signs of water pooling, soggy spots, or dry areas, which could indicate a leak or clog.
  1. Filters and screens can become clogged with dirt and debris, causing water pressure to decrease, so clean these regularly to ensure proper water flow.
  1. Check the direction and angle of your sprinkler heads to ensure they are watering the right areas. Adjust as needed to prevent water waste and ensure even coverage.
  1. Inspect your pipes, valves, or sprinkler heads regularly for any signs of damage, and repair them as necessary.
  1. During colder seasons, turn off the water supply and drain the system to prevent water from freezing and expanding, which can damage pipes and valves.

Install the Right Sprinklers in Your Property

Installing the right sprinkler system will result in a healthier lawn where the grass stays green and the flowers bloom vibrantly. All of these make your property more beautiful—and profitable.

Minnesota Irrigation can help you achieve a healthy, thriving lawn with our custom sprinkler system design and installation services in St. Paul, MN , the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas.

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  1. Thank you for explaining about drip systems. We’re thinking about getting a new irrigation system in place for our new garden. This seems like it might be a good fit, so I’ll have to look into it more.

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