Outdoor Lighting Installation & Service

Let us paint a picture with light for you! For more than 20 years, Minnesota Irrigation has been serving the needs of residents and business owners of the Twin Cities area. We expanded our product offerings and our services, and we now offer professional outdoor lighting installation. You will find our prices to be both competitive and reasonable.

Our outdoor lighting installation crew is overseen by an experienced on-site supervisor that will help guarantee an installation process that is both high quality and efficient. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and we provide you with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Minnesota Irrigation’s service technicians are all industry trained and fully qualified to handle outdoor lighting services and installations of all sizes. No job is too big or too small!

Outdoor Lighting Installation Process

Step One: Design

Step One: Design & Estimate

We come to your home or business and perform several analyses. We start with a custom design specific to your landscaping and your needs. We analyze your landscaping and architecture,  electrical requirements and more. When we have this information, we will prepare an estimate for you so you know exactly how much your new lighting system will cost.


Step Two: Installation

Step Two: Installation

After you accept our bid, we will then schedule a time for the landscape lighting installation process. The installation process includes locating underground utilities, flagging the yard, installing the required outlets if needed,  and then the lighting system.


Step Three: Post-Installation

Step Three: Post-Installation

After your new lighting system is installed, we return after dusk to check and realign fixtures.

When we come to your home for outdoor lighting installation, we handle every aspect of the job. From inspecting and testing the transformer to installing the fixtures to burying exposed wires, we will install your outdoor lighting quickly but without sacrificing the high-quality work we are known for.

Do you want more information on our outdoor lighting service and installation? Call us at 763-785-2201 or you can contact us for a Free Estimate.